Hover-Davis Feeder

SNSP also representing one of the top US SMT feeder manufacturer for PCB manufacturing industry, Hover Davis, a feeder company.

SNSP is the authorize Agent for Hover Davis in Malaysia region primarily Penang. We had many years of experience in SMT industry and SNSP is well position in this particular sector. Hover Davis is one of the well known alternative solution for Siemens, Fuji, Panasonic tape feeders and others.

Hover DavisHigh Performance, Low Cost tape feeder for the SMT industry.

Tape Feeder

tape feeder

QF feeder assy QF feeder

Others then SMT tape feeder, another type of feeder that is becoming popular in replacing the labor intensive labeling task on PCB assy or packaging industry. The Label Feeder is a ready, direct interface to most of today SMT machine with ease, a plug and play system.

Or the feeder can be integrated onto any of the today automation system easily to dispense label also similar product such as membrane, touch pad, shield, protective sheet, etc., the possibility is endless.

The new release version of Label Feeder is known as Axium Series Media Presenter that uses Generic Media Platform.

Axium Presenter Axium Presenter2

A Generic Media Platform can accommodate a wide range media types and shapes of

3mm x 3mm to 42mm x 50mm media input. It is user configurable, including presentation speed

Axium Presenter3label sample

Old Version of Label Feeder :

label feeder

Please feel free to contact “sales@snsppg.com” for more information and detail specification.

You may also browse through Hover Davis products on their website – www.hoverdavis.com